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Tired of wandering around various pet shops and if nothing works out wasting time on websites. That’s too much to ask for, isn’t it? Already you are paying money and on top of that, you are wasting your precious time. Nope, that’s not done. So don’t worry we are here to save you the trouble. We won’t let you pay extra for what you could get at a comparably lower price. Who does not want to save money? And being our customer will help you do so. We Alex Dog World are in the pet shop business for a couple of years. So our is one of the best pet shops in the Patiala.

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As being known as the best pet shop in Patiala city it took us years of hard work, dedication, and trust which we all gained by our valuable customers. We have been catering pet services for a very long time now so we came up with this website The reason for going live this time is as you all know this is the digital era and apart from that, we have been constantly trying to always get better in terms of customer reach or better customer relationship. How do we do that? It’s that simple!!! We on our website have put up all the things that we provide packed up in one single webpage. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new pet dog, pet food the most common of all. Because we know a pet owner always is on a hunt for a better pet food at a comparably lower price. And we haven’t limited ourselves to this we have gone a step further where if you are seeking a trainer for your dog we could assist you to get the best dog trainer in Patiala so that your pet could be trained for a few basic things.

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In addition to that, we have also added some new tabs on our webpage. This tab enables a new customer who seeks information on the dog breeds. So under this tab, we have prepared a list of dog breeds in Patiala so that if a customer is thinking of buying a pet dog which breed he could go for, he could use this tab for getting a better variety of options that could suit his need. Another addition to this tab is that we have also prepared a list of available pet dogs in the city so that he could see which breed of dog he could buy as quickly as possible without worrying about a particular breed of dog that he has been looking for and is unable to find it. Which helps the customer to avoid physically going to a pet shop looking for the desired pet dog breed.